Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Without a doubt, Sabi Sands game reserve offers the most unforgettable and remarkable experience that you can ever get. Two perennial rivers, the Sabi and Sands flow through the park which sustains the diversity of flora and fauna found in the area which is enjoyed by among the most bio-diverse and highest wildlife population in Africa. Click here to get started.

Sometimes, this is also referred as part of the Greater Kruger, which is separated into several traversing sections so by that, the trackers and game rangers of specific safari lodges could bring guests to the adjoining properties for the game drives. Visit site for more info.

Open 4x4 vehicles with hop-on seats located on front left of bonnet are being used for game drives so by that, trackers can thoroughly scan the dirt roads and bush for signs and tracks of animals. The tracker constantly communicates with the ranger who drives the car and together, they are leading guests to small and large game. Rangers who are in different traversing area keep communication through radio with each other so by that, they can alert everyone of animal sightings over the game reserve. This lets them to show visitors a huge selection of game as they know where there's animal activity.

In addition to presenting guests the Big Five of the game reserve, rangers are knowledgeable as well and informing guests regarding animal's behavior, interesting plants and birds and even night skies. Wild leopard is a very elusive animal and guests often speak about glimpses of this creature. Sabi Sand game reserve is among the best game reserves in Africa to see a leopard in its natural habitat and well alive. Since these big cats have become used to safari vehicles, going to their regular activities isn't an issue with the car just around which allows guests to observe them longer.

Usually, the day at the game reserves starts with early wake up before sunrise when guests can grab and enjoy a cup of coffee or enjoy warm and fresh croissants, rusks and muffins with other guests on central deck. The morning game normally lasts for 3 hours. The guests afterwards are taken back to their accommodation for a leisurely breakfast. Most of the time, guests have the choice of going on guided walk or just relax until lunch come.

Guests get to meet up for cake as well as tea at 4pm before they leave for an afternoon game drive. Ranger picks a unique or scenic location for sun downer drinks as well as snacks. The game drive will carry on after sunset using spotlights so by that, guests can get the chance to see nocturnal animals and other creatures.